Alex Hughes

I believe that music is an incredibly powerful art form and can reach people on so many different levels.   I started to see how touching even just one person and having them relate to or feel any derived emotion from my music could be so fulfilling.   Alex Hughes is an Alberta born Canadian Country Crossover music powerhouse to be watched. Singing and performing since the age of 7 she is seasoned performer who has honed her craft into a reflection of who she is as an individual.

What We Delivered

Alex Hughes was looking for a digital agency that could implement and manage an online presence strategy and give Alex Hughes a voice & face online to be seen & heard by fans. Design and Development of the responsive website, Sound Integration, Email Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Set up of Social Media Accounts, Facebook Adverts, CD jacket development. We worked collectivly with sponsors & National Rodeo events to promote disc giveaways and brand awareness.

Ongoing Activity

Content Creation, Email Marketing, New Event Development, Daily Social Media Engagement, Website maintenance and support.

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