How Much Does Brand Identity Cost?

Brand Development - In today’s cluttered and (ADHD) attention deficit society, developing a strong brand is key to business success. Without establishing trust and authenticity, you will be just another face in the crowd.

Today’s consumer behavior demands your brand stand for something. Your brand must stand out from the phonies and make your customers believe that what you offer is authentic, special, unique, and trustworthy.

There is much debate on what the right price for identity development is. How much you can expect to pay for the creation of your brand is the $64,000 question.

The answer is that the fee doesn't have to be astronomical, but it can be depending on whom you decide to do business with. Creating a brand is often a classic case of getting what you pay for. Your cousin may create a name and commensurate logo (without applications like letterhead, signage and packaging) for $500.

A brand is more than a logo, a company or a product. It conveys an overall “feel”, a perception of quality and reliability without calling too much attention to itself. Developing a strong brand requires a relentless focus on a company’s or product’s unique value proposition, differentiation, benefits, quality and pricing, all integrated around a consistent and powerful visual identity and message.

You get what you pay for. The less you pay the less you get.

Most believe that brand is a cost, rather than a strategic and long-term investment.

What you can do!!! Our TOP 3!

  • #1 - understand that brand building is not a cost but rather a strategic investment that requires long-term planning.
  • #2 - understand what your customers want and develop and launch products that meets their needs.
  • #3 - create an internal culture that focuses on teamwork and an understanding of how each employee contributes to the success of the brand.

do your homework

Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Very bold statement coming from a company that builds brands, websites & implement tools for social strategies.  However it's not because we don't love it, it's that if you're not using it correctly your actually wasting time which we all know equates to money. $$$$$MONEY$$$$$


Most self proclaimed business owners & entrepreneurs are spending too much time on online social media and have unrealistic expectations about results.  If your posting non related content continuously your missing the point behind social media altogether.  It's a set of tools to spark curiosity, build awareness and ultimately build your brand.  Unless your a politician keep your opinions to yourself, as you could be damaging your own persona with comments and posts that don't relate to your followers. 


What we've noticed. Our TOP 3!

  • Spending too much time on it, without knowing how to leverage their time, and expecting immediate results.
  • What you can do to start harnessing the value of your time.
  • #1 - Put it in a dollar amount . . .
  • If you find yourself continuously sliding the unlock button on your iPhone just to see how many thumbs up or ♥'s you're receiving, you might as well just start burning money as your time as an entrepreneur must be worth an hourly amount at the very least.  Let's just say your worth a $150.00 an hour and already today you've spent cumulatively 1.5 hours checking Facebook, Twitter & Instagram you have theoretically burnt $225.00 multiply this over a month = $4950.00 & yearly = $59,400.00
  • #2 - Time management . . .
  •  Setting aside a certain time each day to focus on social media will help, the time chosen should never be during prime working hours.  Pick a time when your most likely not to receive a dozen phone calls or bombarded by staff, I prefer early morning as most people are still sleeping.  Whatever time you decide stick with it, there are even APPS available to help you stay focused.
  • #3 - Have a plan . . .
  • Do you have a plan?  If you're unsure of what to do, seek advice as to what you can do to effectively use your time.  Most importantly, try to have a rough schedule of what types of posts will be released every day (or at least every week).  Then you can move on to all the other stuff that needs to get done.

here's a tip - signup for a hootsuite account

Instagram Video? Love It or Hate It?

Vine - 13 million users & Instagram - 130 million users.  Facebook, Instagram's parent company has over 1 billion users worldwide.  The limitations of 6 second clips versus Instagram videos at 15 seconds in our opinion will be a huge advantage for marketers as they deliver targeted messages to followers.  

Within the first 24 hours of Instagram video availability on June 20, users uploaded more than 5 million videos.

here's a tip - turn off video auto play

iPad for work?

Our very first iPad was purchased in April 2010 the very day Apple launched the iPad & forever changed our thinking.  A device that's only been around for 3 years has made one of the biggest foot prints in our day to day lives.  At digitalwelders we've been using the iPad ever since not just for weekend activities like watching TWC poolside or Facetime with family.  Its actually a day to day work horse that we heavily rely on. 


One of our most frequent uses of our iPads is for meetings, whether staff or client meetings we use it as our pen & paper but with email capabilities.  The ability to take notes, check calendar availability and with a few taps send the same information is indispensably worth its wait in gold.  It's also much better to read email on compared to our iPhones and we truly love the idea of one-app-at-a-time.  Because honestly their is no such thing as multitasking despite what we've been led to believe.


Some our favorite iPad apps include the following:

Note Taker HD

Snap Seed




here's a tip - buy an iPad

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